Redesigned website launched today!

29 May 2015

It has been long overdue, and now the new version of this website is live! The excellent team at Design Motive have put in a huge amount of work to develop what I think – and hope you agree – is a fabulous overhaul of what was a tired and rather outdated site.

Back in the day when HTML coding was pretty much within the grasp of people who were willing to put in the time and effort, I constructed the website myself. It did a reasonable job for quite a long time, gaining high rankings on Google and offering information to people who wanted to find out more about Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Clinical Hypnosis. But it stopped being Google-friendly a while ago (i.e. it wasn’t being found when people searched for CBT or hypnosis) and that’s a bit like having an advert in a 1995 edition of Yellow Pages: about as much use as a chocolate teapot! So, the commission went out to Design Motive and here are the results.

Apart from the contemporary and professional look to the site, what I am particularly excited about is the ability I now have to offer guided relaxation and audio therapy recordings online. To align the quality of the recordings with the new website I am rewriting and professionally recording my existing audios and these, along with completely new recordings, will be posted online as soon as each one becomes available.

Of course, at this point I need to say a huge thanks to Colin Leigh and Ian Loats at Design Motive – it was a pleasure to work with you.

And, to everybody reading this, I hope you like the site and the content.