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Weight Control


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If you are looking to lose weight, the chances are that you will already have tried a number of diets. You will also no doubt be familiar with the fact that most diets do not work. The majority of diets fail because they encourage you to eat in an ‘abnormal’ way until you have reached your desired weight or size. The trouble is when you go back to eating a ‘normal’ diet you put the weight back on. You might even put on more weight than before, because your metabolism has slowed down to compensate for being starved during your diet.

Managing your weight successfully is about eating a ‘normal’ balance of different foods. You don’t have to ban fatty or sugary foods completely but you do need to make sure that you are eating more non-fattening things, and consuming less of the fattening ones. You probably have a good idea of what constitutes a healthy diet. If you need advice, you could consult a qualified nutritionist, or possibly look at resources on the internet such as the web pages from the Harvard School of Public Health.

There are many studies into the genetics of being overweight, the role of the nervous system in the gut, and various other physiological factors that make certain people more likely to put on weight (such as thyroid disorders). Not withstanding all these factors, the essence of losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight is to eat only as much as your body needs, so that you burn as much energy as you consume. The basic point is that if you eat more than your body needs, the extra energy (calories) will be converted to fat.

Effective weight management is about finding a healthy eating plan that fits with your lifestyle – and then sticking to your plan. This audio is designed to help you stick to whatever plan you choose, whether it is a high carbohydrate diet, a low carbohydrate diet, or the current 5:2 plan. The audio will support you in making long term changes to your eating habits, changes that are sustainable, effective and which you feel comfortable with.

Good luck and here’s to a slimmer, happier life!

(This download includes two tracks; both have the same content, with slightly different endings: one for use during the day, the other for use before going to sleep.)

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