Overcoming Social Anxiety

Overcoming Social Anxiety


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If you suffer from social anxiety, you will be well aware of how much the fear of interacting with people can impact on your happiness. Social anxiety is not simply a matter of being extremely shy, it is a fear that we will be judged negatively by others.

Meeting new people, going to parties and social gatherings, attending family events such as weddings and birthdays, business meetings – all these become situations to fear when we suffer from social anxiety. We become extremely self-conscious, focusing far too much on how we come across, and making up all sorts of stories in our heads about what people think of us.

Like most people with social anxiety, you are probably someone who really enjoys the company of your close friends. There is something very rewarding about being around people with whom we feel totally comfortable. For this reason it can be so frustrating when we feel uncomfortable and anxious in what should be a totally relaxing situation. This recording is designed to help you let go of the exaggerated concerns you have about the way other people see you, and to feel comfortable and relaxed in any situation.

(This download includes two tracks; both have the same content, with slightly different endings: one for use during the day, the other for use before going to sleep.)

Please note, this recording cannot be downloaded straight to a tablet or smartphone. You will need to download the file to a computer and then transfer it to your mobile device.


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