Overcoming Insomnia

Overcoming Insomnia


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This audio is supplied with important supplementary written material about insomnia. Whilst the audio is designed to help you drift of to sleep as you listen, it is more than a simple relaxation recording: Based on current cognitive behaviour therapy principles the whole package is designed to address many of the unhelpful thoughts and attitudes about sleep that people might have.

Addressing any unhelpful beliefs you may have developed about problems with sleep is important. It is also important to address the practical things you do that might affect your sleep (such as drinking caffeine or fizzy drinks, smoking, playing video games in bed, and so on). The written information pack included with this download to help you look at these behaviours and to create the best conditions for sleep. These behaviour changes are also reinforced by the suggestions contained in the audio recording.

There are two tracks in this download. Both have identical verbal suggestions but one has gentle background music and the other has nothing other than my voice.

Please note, this recording cannot be downloaded straight to a tablet or smartphone. You will need to download the file to a computer and then transfer it to your mobile device.

Important information:
There are a number of sleep disorders. Insomnia (the inability to sleep) is just one of them. Certain sleep disorders such as narcolepsy (uncontrollably falling asleep during the day) and sleep apnoea (interruptions to your breathing whilst asleep) may require medical help and it is important to rule these out by talking to your doctor.


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