Confident Public Speaking

Confident Public Speaking


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Public speaking is considered to be the most common trigger for anxiety (even more common than creepy-crawlies or heights). Giving a wedding speech, giving business presentations, taking to groups, or even holding conference calls, all these cause dread to so many people. Even people we assume are totally calm and relaxed when giving a speech are likely to be feeling anxious on the inside (think about how many actors reveal how much stage fright they feel before going onstage – and they choose do this for a living!)

The secret is not to try to eliminate the fears completely but to understand what is going on in your body (the fight-flight-freeze response is being triggered in a situation that we perceive is threatening), and to not get caught up in the catastrophic thinking that goes along with the feelings.

This is where cognitive behaviour therapy and clinical hypnosis can really help. You can teach your mind and your body to respond differently in these situations. The more you react differently, the more you learn that these situations are not dangerous and the less anxiety you feel. Surprisingly enough, you might find that you begin to enjoy talking in public. That may seem far fetched, but it is a common outcome in therapy.

The suggestions in this audio recording are designed to help you view public speaking in a different way, to feel more calm and in control, and to deliver your speech in a smooth and effective way.

This recording is aimed specifically at public speaking rather than social anxiety – giving speeches, presentations or talking in more formal situations. A separate recording will be released soon to deal with social anxiety.

(This download includes two tracks; both have the same content, with slightly different endings: one for use during the day, the other for use before going to sleep.)

Please note, this recording cannot be downloaded straight to a tablet or smartphone. You will need to download the file to a computer and then transfer it to your mobile device.


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