Listening Guide

Listening to the downloads

Will the download work on my mobile device?

The downloads are standard MP3 recordings. When you purchase a recording you will be redirected to a page where you can download the audio file. You will need to download the file to a computer and then transfer it to whatever device you want to use for listening to the recording. Given the range of different devices and software I cannot offer technical guidance or support. If you have problems you should refer to the manufacturer of your computer, audio device, or the provider of the software. I suggest that you test the compatibility of your system by downloading one of the free recordings.

Where and when should I listen?

It may seem obvious, but you must not use the recordings when you are doing anything that requires your attention (for example, driving, supervising children, using power tools, cooking, and so on). A rule of thumb would be: if it is safe to be asleep, it is OK to listen to the recording.

There is no ‘best’ time of day for listening, although it is probably most helpful if you can listen at roughly the same time of day each time. The ideal time is going to be one when you can devote about 20 or 30 minutes to doing nothing

Get yourself into a comfortable position. You can lie down or sit down, whatever suits you best to become comfortable. Loosen any clothing that might be tight, take off your glasses if they tend to fall off. If the weather is hot, wear something loose and cool. If it’s chilly, wear something warm (your circulation will slow down as you relax and you might feel a bit cold if you aren’t wrapped up cosily). Try to make sure no one is going to disturb you, turn off your phone or any device that might bleep, buzz or ring and, for best effects, use headphones or earphones.

What if I fall asleep?

You are unlikely to fall asleep, unless you are really tired. The recordings are designed to help you become deeply relaxed but not fall sleep. However, if you do fall asleep, that’s fine, you can enjoy snoozing, but you are unlikely to get much benefit from the suggestions in the recording (contrary to what you might hear elsewhere, the research evidence shows that we do not learn new ideas when we are asleep – it’s not impossible, it is just very unlikely).

What if I am interrupted?

No problem. Just like when you are deeply engrossed in a good book, or staring out through the window daydreaming, if you are interrupted you will immediately become fully awake and able to deal with the situation if it needs your attention. If you wish to, you can then return to your relaxation.

What if I don’t feel particularly relaxed?

That’s fine. It often takes a while to learn to relax. Relaxation, for many people, is not normally part of their day, but practice will help you develop your ability to relax.

You may find that having relaxed deeply on one occasion, you feel less relaxed on another occasion; being more easily distracted and less able to focus our attention from time to time is very common. This is normal and not something to worry about. This will not stop you becoming relaxed next time you listen.

How often should I listen to the recording?

This is very much a matter of personal preference. Usually it is a good idea to listen once a day for a week, and then a little less often for another couple of weeks (e.g. once every two days). After that you can listen as often or as little as you like.