‘Introduction to CBT’ Complimentary copy available

19 July 2018

Complimentary copy of: Introduction to CBT 2018

Many clients find it helpful to read about the key ideas and strategies behind the CBT approach to therapy. Reading  information between therapy sessions can help clients to understand the principles at their own pace, and to go back and re-read key ideas that perhaps need clarification. There are a small number of books that I regularly recommend to clients, the choice of book depending on each person’s needs (for example Melanie Fennell’s book on Overcoming Low Self-esteem, David Veale and Rob Willson’s book on Overcoming Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

The book that I recommend more than any other is Windy Dryden’s ’10 Steps to Positive Living’. This is an excellent book about the main principles of a particular branch of CBT called Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT – pronounced R.E.B.T. not ‘rebbit’). However, not everybody wants to read a whole book, even a relatively short one like ’10 Steps…’

In the past I have struggled to find a short introduction to CBT/REBT so I have put together my own booklet. You can download a free copy by following the link at the beginning of this blog.

There is of course a whole lot of information that I have had to leave out in order to keep the booklet short, but I hope that my intention of covering the basic ideas of REBT is successful. The brevity of the booklet means that it is likely to be most relevant to people who are actually engaged in therapy and want a brief summary of the ideas they are exploring in therapy. If you want an in-depth explanation of CBT you could do worse than read Rhena Branch’s ‘CBT for Dummies’.