Happy holidays

27 July 2015

At a time when many people are jetting off to sunnier climates, Aerophobia, or fear of flying, is busy casting a cloud over up to 30% of travellers. For those who suffer from a fear of flying they can only sit and watch enviously as people relax with a coffee and a magazine or chat happily with friends and family in the departure lounge.

This fear can seriously affect people’s enjoyment of their holidays and business trips. Sufferers might feel anxious for days if not weeks before a flight, and then when they do arrive at their holiday destination they spend a large part of their holiday worrying about the return journey. For many people this fear is so great that it can lead to complete avoidance of flying, limiting not only their own lifestyle but possibly affecting the whole family.

Luckily this is a fear that can be overcome (here, I can reveal that I used to suffer from a fear of flying when I was young, and saw a hypnotherapist to help me overcome the fear. It worked…! I got on the plane to South America and really enjoyed the experience. Incidentally, this was the trigger that set me on the road to becoming a CBT therapist and clinical hypnotist). Our bodies are not developed to fly, and so it stands to reason that when we are 30,000 feet up in the air in an aeroplane, our primitive fear response is likely to be triggered. We know rationally that planes fly, but our primitive brain hasn’t caught up with 21st century technology. Hypnosis and CBT provide highly effective ways of switching off this instinctive response. We can learn to look forward to flying and to feel totally calm at all stages in our journey: when taking off, when landing, even during turbulence.

To help people achieve this level of confidence when flying, I have produced a new audio download containing a full hypnotherapy session with suggestions specifically geared to reduce anxiety and improve confidence, calmness and control during air travel. It is available on my audio page, and you can get 50% off the purchase price during August by using the code AUGUSTFLIGHT

Enjoy your flight!