GDPR privacy policy

06 June 2018

The flurry of activity that has accompanied the introduction of the new GDPR policies on 25th May will have been hard to miss.

Companies that don’t really need your contact details (such as the shop you bought your sofa from) will have had to contact you to check that you are happy for them to keep your data. You have no doubt had lots of emails asking if you are willing to stay on various organisations’ emailing lists.

Other organisations with whom you have an ongoing relationship (your dentist, for example, or your internet grocery delivery company) do not need to contact you. This is because if you decide you don’t want them to keep your contact details then effectively you are saying that you don’t want to be their patient or customer any longer.

Regardless of whether or not a firm needs to get in touch with you to update your preferences, all firms and people who hold information about you for commercial purposes now have to be a lot more clear about the way they store and use your data.

I have updated my privacy policy, setting out what information I hold about you, what I do with your information, how long I keep your information and what your legal rights are in connection with the information I hold.

My privacy policy can be found on my website at