Audio Downloads

Effective Therapy, for Wherever and Whenever you need it.

These audio recordings are the result of the expertise and experience I have built up from thousands of hours of one-to-one Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Clinical Hypnosis sessions with people who have sought help for a wide range of concerns.

The recordings have been developed using the best techniques of guided meditation and clinical hypnosis, combined with the proven benefits of CBT. As one of a small number of practitioners who are accredited with both the BABCP and BSCAH (i.e. CBT therapists, and medical hypnotherapists) I have the relevant skills to combine these treatments effectively. The result is that the suggestions in the recordings will help you to make profound and lasting changes in an atmosphere of calm and relaxation.

The recordings are suitable for use on their own or as an aid to any personal therapy you might be engaged in (although do check that your therapist is happy with this).

The most popular recording, Calm and Relaxed is now available here free of charge. This is a full-length relaxation audio, perfect for regular use to boost general confidence and wellbeing. This was originally developed specifically for clients who see me in my London and Surrey clinics. I am pleased to be able to offer it free of charge to people who cannot attend my clinics in person.

Other recordings, that have previously only been available to people who see me in person, are being rewritten and re-recorded using state of the art equipment. They will become available here soon. The recordings will cover a wide range of concerns from Panic Attacks through to Post Surgery Recovery. Please check back for updates. The full IBS audio treatment programme used with my clients will also be available for download soon.

Please note that you cannot download the audio files straight to a smartphone or tablet: you will need to download the file to a computer and then transfer it to your mobile device.

Before purchasing paid-for audios, I suggest you test the compatibility of your computer and audio device by downloading one of the free recordings.